As we all do the right thing and continue our hand sanitising practices to help protect our communities from health risks, you might be wondering is there such a thing as too much hand sanitiser?

It is a fair question, so the PUSHEX team has pulled together some answers for you. But, it is important to remember WHY we are using hand sanitiser and that keeping our families, our workmates and our clients safe and healthy is paramount.

There is actually no evidence that using alcohol based sanitiser is bad for you, but there are some important factors to consider when thinking about the right hand sanitiser product for your business.

  • Dry irritated skin is a common side affect of using alcohol based sanitiser and can be uncomfortable and unsightly
  • There is a known risk of alcohol based sanitiser catching alight. Exposure to static electricity or even a small naked flame (like a candle) can ignite the alcohol based sanitiser.
  • Alcohol based sanitisers can cause alcohol poisoning if even a small amount is ingested
  • Leaving alcohol based sanitiser in the sun can reduce it’s effective properties
  • Alcohol can tarnish some jewellery
  • Fragrances used to disguise the alcohol smell can cause allergies
  • Some people have ethical or religious reasons to avoid products containing alcohol

PUSHEX sanitising wipes are the preferred alternative to alcohol based hand sanitisers. The active ingredient, suspended in WATER is 0.1300% benzalkonium chloride—a TGA recognised sterilant. Our products contain Aloe Vera – to help soothe the skin.

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Please remember – regularly washing your hands with soap and water is highly recommended by health agencies.