With the ongoing increase in use of hand sanitisers, it is important to understand the issues around the use of alcohol based sanitisers.

Can hand sanitizer really catch on fire in your car?

Following a viral photo posted by a US fire department in 2020, there was global concern that leaving alcohol based sanitiser in your car for long periods of time could cause it to ignite. This is, in fact, unlikely. What is likely is that the static electricity often generated in vehicles from synthetic materials and friction, can cause alcohol based sanitiser to ignite when used.

A far safer alternative is to use a sanitising product that does not have an alcohol base. PUSHEX single use wipes contain the active ingredient of 0.1300% benzalkonium chloride—a TGA recognised sterilant. suspended in water – not alcohol.

How long does sanitiser last in the car?

There are concerns that heat and direct sunlight will degrade the essential ingredients within alcohol based hand sanitiser, making it less effective. PUSHEX hand sanitisers do not contain any form of alcohol.

PUSHEX single use wipes can dry out somewhat if the individual packet has been opened due to the water content. Our best advice to you, just keep them out of the sun and sealed until required. That way they will always be ready when you need them.