You know the feeling. When you zap yourself, touching a piece of office furniture or getting in your car. A person in the USA recently took this experience to a whole new level. His hands were severely burnt when the alcohol-based sanitiser he had recently applied, caught fire when he generated static electricity touching a surface, before his hands were completely dry.

The fumes from the hand sanitiser ignited with an ALMOST INVISIBLE FLAME (that’s the ethanol burning off) on both hands. he managed to extinguish the flames but was very badly burnt.

With hand sanitiser in high demand and in high usage due to COVID-19, it makes sense to use an alternative to the alcohol based options that are presently on the market. PUSHEX sanitising wipes are the preferred alternative to alcohol based hand sanitisers. They contain the active ingredient of 0.1300% benzalkonium chloride—a TGA recognised sterilant, suspended in water – not ethanol.

In May 2020, the Australian Institute of Health & Safety issued a Safety Alert regarding alcohol-based hand sanitiser fire hazards. Hand sanitiser containing ethanol and isopropanol are classified as flammable liquids, they are a fire hazard and have the potential to harm persons and property.

September 2020, saw a woman in Texas catch on fire after using hand sanitiser and then lighting a candle in her home. She received burns to 18 percent of her body. The ignition point for most alcohol-based sanitisers is very low, and it can happen in the blink of an eye.

PUSHEX sanitising wipes are completely alcohol free and are the safer alternative for ensuring your staff, your clients and your home are safe from the dangers of alcohol based sanitiser.

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